Words of a Comrades Winner

Two Oceans 2010 – Part 1

April 2010 and the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon was to be my big tester as to what shape I was in to defend the Comrades title in just over a months time.  Training had gone well and I was feeling good.

My main aim was to run a top 4 as I knew if I could do this I would have done well, but as an Athlete you always want to win, so that would be a bonus if I could achieve this. But at the same time I didn’t want to be pushed to hard and strain myself and jeopardise Comrades.  So a fine line but it wasn’t something I hadn’t done before.

The Club decided that we would take 10 athletes to Two Oceans, and as Formula 1 is a small club, funded largely by 1 financial sponsor, Nike as a kit sponsor and finances from Cliff, in his personal capacity. We hired a Quantum and drove from Durban to Cape Town.  Had to go on a tight budget, and this is what I really appreciate is that Cliff makes these type of sacrifices, so the guys want to do well for him.

We left Durban on the Tuesday afternoon and the idea was to drive through the night to Cape Town. Road Trip!!!!! Comrades Marathon Association kindly lent us a trailer for our luggage and food etc, which was hugely appreciated, as you can imagine 13 people in a Quantum was a tight fit. So the trailer was a huge plus.

We drove to Bloemfontein where we stopped and had dinner. This was cooked by the guys on a gas cooker, at the Engen One stop, and as luck would have it, a huge thunder storm passed over at that time, but it proved to be interesting indeed. The guys made Pap and Chicken, which is pretty much the staple diet. Great mea!

The driving was shared between Cliff (Coach), Craig (my agent) and Sly (Cliffs son). As you can imagine it was hectic sleeping that night in the van. One of the guys took their shoes off in the early hours of the morning and with all the windows of the Quantum closed, Eish!! It was not pretty, needless to say he was made to put his shoes back on, IMMEDIATELY!!!!

We arrived just outside Cape Town at about 6am, and stopped for breakfast. We persuaded the Manager at the Shell Ultra City to allow the guys to make use of the showers, which was a huge relief. Breakfast was Future Life who is one of my product sponsors, but agreed to supply the team product.  Get some, try it, its very good!

Spirits were high and the guys were very chirpy, and a good vibe in the Quantum. We arrived at the Hotel and booked in. The Coach gave us the day off to rest and catch up with much needed sleep, as the next day we had to go to registration and the following day was the Official Press Conference.  

Part 2 – Friday – snippets of what happens behind the scenes and Race day!


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